FAQ Page

How does the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler lid operate?

The SwigSafe lid is designed to require a double action to open the flap for maximum safety. To open

or close the lid properly, push the button at the top left of the secure arm IN, while pushing UP on the
center button.

Is the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler completely spill-proof?

The SwigSafe Party Tumbler is spill-proof except occasionally, when a carbonated beverage is in the

tumbler and it is overly agitated, the pressure can build up and may cause minor leaking at the opening.

Will my SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler show stains?

No. SwigSafe is designed to be stain-resistant, so your lipstick will wipe off easily, and your

Seabreeze cocktail will wash right out. Like all plastics, however, after a certain amount of time and with
repeated use, your SwigSafe Party Tumbler may take on a “pre-loved” appearance.

Can the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler go in the microwave?

No. It should not be put in the microwave.

Can I put hot liquids in my SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler?

No. The SwigSafe Party Tumbler is not meant to be used with hot liquids

Is the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler BPA free?

Yes. The SwigSafe Party Tumbler is made of Tritan plastic manufactured by Eastman right here in the USA. As stated on Eastman’s website, “accredited universities and independent third-party labs have tested Tritan, and the results overwhelmingly demonstrate that it is safe and, in separate studies, free of bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS). Tritan plastic also is free of estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA).” For more information on Tritan plastic, visit

What do the drink measurements on the tumbler mean?

In America, a standard drink is any drink that contains about 1.5 fluid ounces of pure alcohol. Below are
standard drink equivalents, and how they compare to the measurements on the SwigSafe Party Tumbler.

**Please note that these are approximate, as different brands and types of beverages vary in their actual alcohol content. Click here to view our Drink Measurement photo

Is the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler dishwasher safe?

Yes, however, to maintain the longevity of the lid and clarity of the tumbler SwigSafe recommends


Shipping - Returns

Can I order the SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler in bulk at a discounted price, such as for my sorority?

Yes. Please contact us at and we’ll provide you with all of the information and bulk pricing.

Can I return my SwigSafe™ Party Tumbler?

Yes. SwigSafe is returnable. Customized items such as charms are not returnable, however. If you have a problem with your order for any reason, please contact us here. For additional details and instructions on how to return your SwigSafe Party Tumbler, check out section 5 of our Terms of Sale.