What is SWIGSAFE™?

SWIGSAFE™ is not only the go-to essential that you can take from day to night - it is also the product of a personal journey with a deep-rooted mission. 


While she was in college, our founder, Olivia, conceived of and created SWIGSAFE™ after her drink was tampered with. Following her experience and hearing how many others had similar experiences, Olivia decided to do something about it.

Ever the entrepreneur, Olivia set out to design a product in which people of all ages and lifestyles would be able to make their own drinks, and always be aware of how much alcohol they are consuming. In turn, she put forth a true lifestyle product, one that elevates life’s most enjoyable moments, whether out at a bar with friends, attending a party or working out at the gym.

The SWIGSAFE™ team is led by Olivia and her mother, Brenda, who brings a parent’s perspective and the universal concern of any caregiver during the raucous college years to the forefront. Together, they make an unstoppable duo with a passion for creating disruptive solutions that lend more control, protection and fun.


Olivia understood how active, busy and far-reaching young women’s and men’s lives are today, and therefore designed SWIGSAFE™ to be enjoyed and experienced on the move. The easily-transportable Tumbler fits comfortably in your hand, and appears just like a glass, seamlessly integrating into any environment and experience. A convenient lanyard carry strap promotes simple transport and the secure lid helps prevent tampering. Enjoy an element of personalization with attachable charms that help users keep track of the tumblers in a crowd.

Made from Eastman Tritan plastic, and BPA- and BPS-Free, SWIGSAFE™ is designed to help all enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle. The spill-proof Tumbler supports active adventures as well as festive nights out with friends, as it is shatter-resistant and stain-resistant. The result is mess-free, on-the-go hydration and the must-have essential for life’s many celebrations in between.

SWIGSAFE™ is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of people and planet – providing more, so that you can waste less. We designed the reusable Tumbler to help reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles and cups in order to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, without sacrificing ease, style or comfort. Whether drinking alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, the Tumbler finally offers a sustainable option that you want to take with you everywhere, combining personal safety with planetary respect.