The SWIGSAFE™ Party Tumbler allows you a greater sense of control and safety when attending parties, or any event at which you’re drinking alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. The sexy design, easy-to-read measurements and icons, and the secure lid make it a trustworthy choice when going out, and is a more controllable alternative to open party cups and glasses.

Our founder, Olivia, created SWIGSAFE™ while she was a college student, after witnessing the increasing issues with alcohol plaguing college campuses.

“I wanted something in which women would be able to make their own drinks, and always be aware of how much alcohol they’re consuming. The idea is for women to take their drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with them for the evening, without worrying about what’s in it, or if someone has slipped something unwanted in their glass or cup. (And p.s., spill-proof means your drink and your cute outfit is saved when the dancing starts.)”

“I want to be, I want my friends to be, and I want you to be… SWIGSAFE™.”

-Olivia, founder