If you’re a woman, you know exactly why we invented SWIGSAFE™.

Going out to parties and events, you have to think about your own safety in a specific way.  You have to stay in control of the amount you drink and what’s in your drink, as well.  But when you’re out having fun, the last thing you want to think about is units of alcohol or whether you have a line of sight to your uncovered drink at all times.

That’s where SWIGSAFE™ comes in.  With clear, easy-to-read measurements along the side (showing not only ounces but equivalents to various standard drink sizes), a secure spill-proof lid, and a convenient lanyard carry strap, SWIGSAFE™ allows you to maintain greater control of both your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and of your evening.* Plus, spill-proof means you can focus on having fun and not about whether you’re going to be “wearing” your drink.

SWIGSAFE™ also allows you to customize your PARTY TUMBLER with added charms – because you want to know exactly which one is yours, and because, well, it’s way more fun.

And SWIGSAFE™, as stated by Eastman Tritan,  is BPA- and BPS-free, and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity.  (It’s top rack dishwasher-safe, too, so, score.)

Being safe is sexy.  Being safe is strong.  Having fun is being SWIGSAFE™.



My name is Olivia, and as a young woman and college student, I have become increasingly aware of the problems involving alcohol that plague college campuses, and especially women on those campuses.

“How much alcohol is in here?” “Did someone just slip something into my drink?” “I didn’t realize I drank that much…” “What if someone spikes my drink?” are all questions and concerns I hear, so I decided to do something about it: I created the SWIGSAFE™ Party Tumbler. When women go out they want to feel both sexy and safe.

SWIGSAFE™ is not just a tumbler, but also a way to make sure you have fun while staying in control. With clear measurements on the sides and a more secure lid, SWIGSAFE™ allows you to be empowered and take charge of your night.

“I want to be, I want my friends to be, and I want you to be… SWIGSAFE™.”

-Olivia, founder of SWIGSAFE

*SWIGSAFE™ wants you to be safe. Our Party Tumbler is designed to help keep unwanted substances from being slipped into your drink easily, but be aware that no device can stop a bad person. If used with alcoholic beverages, SWIGSAFE™ can’t prevent you from getting wasted. So we advise you to always drink responsibly, be aware of your surroundings, use the buddy system and never accept a drink from a stranger unless you can watch it being poured from start to finish.